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Staffing structure for the academic year 2022/2023

Senior Leadership
Headteacher - Mr R Buckley
Deputy Headteacher - Mrs M Cunningham
SENCo - Mrs M Cunningham
Safeguarding - Mr R Buckley

Assistant Headteachers
Mrs D Wright and Miss J Hewitt

Senior Leadership Team
Mr S Shore, Miss G Hayes
Admin Team
School Business Officer - Mrs T Badger
Pupil Support Administrator - Miss S Swan
Administration Assistant - Mrs M Goodwin
Finance/HR - Mrs S Mullard

ICT Tech
Mr I Reade

SCITT Student
Mrs C Jacobi
Miss R Smith
Miss B Arthurs

Kitchen Team
Kitchen Manager - Mrs D Godwin
Mrs C Bowns and Mrs M Culley

Site Team
Mr J Dillon, Mr T Biela, Mrs J Bishop,           Ms T Johnson and Mrs B Biela

Sunshine Club
Sunshine Club Manager - Mrs P Bolt
Miss L Thomas, Mr N Badger, Mrs C Bowns, Mrs R Omer, Mrs G Trill and Mrs L Head
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