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The school day begins at 8:30am with the teachers waiting in their classrooms to give each child a warm welcome at the start of every day.

An Early Morning Task will be waiting for the children to complete. This is usually a quick 5 to 10 minute task to get the children thinking. It allows the teachers time to talk to every child and give them a positive start to their day and also provides time for our support staff to take registration.

The gates are open at 8:20am and you are encouraged to wait with your child until the classroom doors are opened. There will not be any school supervision in the playground before school starts and the children will remain your responsibility until they enter the classroom. We therefore ask you not to send your child to school before 8:20am, or to leave them unsupervised in the playground at any time.

We ask parents to leave their children at the classroom door. We want the children to independently hang up their coats and put their things away. We also want the children to have time with their teachers to enable a positive start to the day.

If you have a message for the class teacher, that cannot wait until the end of the school day, there is a communication book in the cloakroom. Every class has a teaching assistant, whose first task of the day will be to check this book and pass on any messages. You can also leave a message at the office or speak to the Head Teacher for any private or confidential matters.

Teachers are always available at the end of the day for an informal chat or to make an appointment for a specific meeting. You are, of course, always welcome to come in and see your child's work at the end of the day or come in and help in your child's class for the day!

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