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When children are in school, they are part of a community and by wearing a simple school uniform we hope to promote a feeling of equality, partnership and belonging. We will, therefore, require school uniform with or without school logo for all children.

The School colours and clothing are as follows:

Our School Uniform (Nursery - Year 6)

  • A grey/black skirt, pinafore dress, shorts or trousers

  • A blue gingham summer dress

  • A white polo shirt, blouse or shirt (with or without the school logo)

  • A mid-blue jumper or cardigan (with or without the school logo)

  • Grey/black tights

  • Flat black shoes (no high heels or trainers)

All pupils are required to wear school uniform, and each item should be clearly marked with their name.

PE Kit

On PE days pupils come to school wearing their PE kits.  Football kits should not be worn for PE lessons.  A PE kit must consist of the following items:

  • Blue/navy/black shorts (during the colder seasons, blue/navy tracksuit bottoms may be worn for outside games). Cycling shorts are fine but only for PE or under uniform - Not instead of uniform. Cycling shorts should be appropriately sized.

  • A plain white t-shirt (with or without the school logo)

  • Daps or trainers (non-marking soles)

Optional Items to Purchase

  • A book bag with the school logo to the front (with a shoulder strap)

For Health and Safety reasons, jewellery is not allowed with the exception of inexpensive watches, stud or sleepers earrings. We ask you not to allow your children to dye their hair or to have designs cut into short hair such as lines, zig-zags, numbers, etc.

Parent Guide Link

Our school uniform can be ordered online from these suppliers:


PMG Schoolwear

Alternatively, you can visit their shops:


Unit 1B The Plaza

Sanford Street



Telephone: 01793 520843

PMG Schoolwear

PMG Schoolwear,
8 Regal Way,

Telephone: 01895 809 321


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