At Abbey Meads Community Primary School, R.E. is an essential subject that encourages pupils to explore their own beliefs (whether religious or non-religious) and the beliefs of others. It allows pupils to reflect upon the world around them, where they can develop an understanding of the principal religions and discuss fundamental topics, such as the issues of right and wrong, and life itself. By examining different beliefs and traditions, this enables pupils to have a better understanding and respect for their own communities. As well as them gaining knowledge about the fascinating societies in which they exist, it also promotes self-reflection and a spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of themselves.

At our school, we follow the ‘Swindon Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’. Our teaching of R.E. takes on a range of forms, from drama and art-based work, to analysing different artefacts and discussing the messages behind significant stories.

Collective Worship

Everyday, there is the opportunity for pupils and staff to come together, as a whole school community, in key stages or in their own classrooms. The shared activity allows the pupils to reflect upon and respond to different stimuli. Collective worship can enable pupils to gain a deeper understanding of different religions and the various perspectives of the world around them. The pupils can experience different forms of music and stories, as well as give thanks and celebrate the pupils and people in their own communities. This time allows them to think about others.

Useful Websites

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Our RE Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy

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