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Music is a powerful, universal language that spans time and cultures. Through music we can express, represent and communicate our ideas and perceptions and create opportunities for physical, intellectual, imaginative and spiritual development.  


At Abbey Meads, we wish for our children to appreciate the language of music by learning about, and appraising, a variety of pieces from a range of cultures and eras, including pieces created by great composers as well as by those who are less well known. Through regular Music Roadshows, children are given the chance to experience live music and learn about the history of a range of instruments and music genres. 


By combining the ‘Charanga’ teaching tool, which has a carefully structured progression of skills, and peripatetic teaching of recorder, children gain a wealth of musical experiences as they move through the school, building on their knowledge and skills from Reception right through to Year 6. 


Throughout their time at Abbey Meads, children learn to compose, improvise and play a range of tuned and un-tuned instruments. They make progress by having the opportunity to create and perform as soloists and as part of a group in front of a live audience. Furthermore, we provide basic music technology tuition through the ‘Garage Band’ programme. It gives children the chance to express their creativity through arranging and composing using simple recording and layering functions. 


Alongside these opportunities, the children learn subject specific vocabulary that enriches their knowledge of terminology and develops their understanding of the interrelated elements of music.  This language becomes hugely beneficial when appraising any music. 


Through cross-curricular links, children have the opportunity to create and evaluate compositions and enjoy singing as a collective group. The impact of our creative curriculum ensures that the children gain an extensive array of skills and knowledge which, in turn, encourages and supports a life-long love of music.  


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