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Each year we ask children that are interested in becoming a school councillor to write a manifesto and sell themselves to their classmates.  We then have an election to decide which girl and boy will represent each class for the year.  Year 6 teachers will also nominate a person to chair the meetings.

Meeting are then held once a term with the councillors to discuss how to help the school.

The focus for this year’s school council is recycling.

Councillors have been busily devising ways we can increase the amount of objects we recycle at school.

Our Year 6 councillors wrote to FOAMS to ask if they would be willing to change the plastic cups to paper cups at the school discos. They felt this would be a good start, as paper cups can be more widely recycled.

Councillors are now researching recycling bins, as they would like more brightly coloured ones around the school and playground.

Our older councillors are keen to revive the popular Trashion show in the summer term, where outfits are made from recycled items.

At Christmas School Councillors coordinated the collection and delivery of toys for the Swindon Christmas Toy Appeal, to help those less fortunate than ourselves around the town.

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