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Trip Dates

Monday 16th October to Thursday 19th October

Day One IOW Diary & Gallery

We had a clear journey down to Portsmouth and managed to catch an early ferry to the island. Although it was quite blustery out on deck, everyone enjoyed the views and the crossing flew by. It was then back on to the coach to travel out to Alum Bay where we created our sand art - you will see the creations when they return. After a quick pit stop for lunch, we walked to see The Needles and the children enjoyed seeing the landform that they had learnt about in school in real life. The children were a bit concerned about the prospect of the walk to Tennyson's monument, but they found some energy and enjoyed the hike there and back. It was then back on the coach for our final trip of the day to the hotel in Sandown. We were given a warm welcome and the children quickly unpacked before filling up with a hearty meal, which included apple crumble and custard for dessert. The final activity of the day was a night time walk along the promenade. The children put their torches to good use to find the funny beach hut names and then we headed back to the hotel for a story before bed. As we write, the children are tucked up in bed and getting some well deserved rest.

Day Two IOW Diary & Gallery

A lot of children needed a wake-up call this morning, but they were down and ready for breakfast by 7.20am. The children couldn't believe that the breakfast just kept coming with cereal, toast and hot options all available. After the hearty breakfast, we set off to Osborne House. The children loved showing off their knowledge of Queen Victoria in a workshop about her family and then explored the grounds and the house itself. It was lovely to receive so many positive comments from the volunteers at the house and to see our children so engaged and asking questions about different items in the house. 

After a quick stop at the shop, we headed back to the hotel and had a few spare minutes to write a postcard home - hopefully they will arrive home before we do! The fun did not stop there - it was off to Ryde for two games of bowling. The children were again brilliant and cheered each other on all night. We had some very tired children getting back on the coach to travel back to the hotel at 10pm. They are all now tucked up in bed and will be needing a well-earned later wake-up call in the morning. Fingers crossed for some dry spells tomorrow for our beach day.

Day Three IOW Diary & Gallery

There were a lot of sleepy children this morning, but the children were full of energy once they had feasted on their breakfast. We wrapped up warm and set off to the dinosaur museum - luckily the rain held off long enough for this journey. The children enjoyed the fossil handling session and then exploring the museum and all the hands on exhibits. We decided to have our lunch back at the hotel and not fight the weather on the beach. The children were all keen to still have a game of crazy golf, so we wrapped up, again, and walked down the road to enjoy a game in the rain. Although the weather was poor, the children had a great game and we then returned to the hotel to dry off and change into warm clothes. We managed to squeeze in a movie in the afternoon and the children enjoyed having time to relax and recharge before the disco. Dinner was another hit and then the children had time to get themselves ready for the disco. The disco was a huge hit and the children danced away their last bits of energy. 

As we write, the children are in bed and are looking forward to their final day on the island. We will be heading to Carisbrooke Castle early and enjoying a workshop and donkey talk before heading back home.