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Please find here the English, Maths, and Science assessment sheets for each age group, used by our teachers when making judgements about whether children are:

  • 'Working Towards' the expected standard

  • 'Working At' the expected standard

  • 'Working At Greater Depth' within the expected standard


The Assessment Guidance for Year 2 and Year 6 are the actual Government documents followed by our teachers for English and Maths.

As part of our continuous working together with parents, we have published these documents as a guide, but must emphasise that there are many elements involved in achieving an overall grade and it is not always an exact science. We all know how children (and most adults) seem to achieve something one day and forget it the next. Equally, an ability to apply knowledge is not the same as having achieved something once or twice.


We hope these sheets will assist parents in supporting their children at home, along with other supportive materials found in the curriculum section such as…

  • Current topic webs and class letters

  • The 'Helping Children Learn' booklet 

  • Calculation Policy

  • Maths videos 

  • Videos of letter formation and phonic pronunciations 

  • An overview of the whole curriculum

Guiding Principles

To download a copy of our Guiding Principles, please click here

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