School Admissions

Admission for 4-11 year olds
All children living or moving within the School's catchment area are admitted in the academic year that they are five years old or on their arrival from another district.
L.E.A. Admissions Policy

Applications can be made to School Admissions,  if any parent

1. Lives in this School's catchment area and wishes their child/children to attend another school.
2. Wishes their child/children to attend Abbey Meads Community Primary School but does not live in the catchment area.
If you are considering transferring School but your child is already at another school, please make a point of discussing it with your child's present headteacher. Transfer Forms are available online.   Should you need any help or guidance with a school transfer form, please contact the School Office or the Admission Team at Swindon Borough Council, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH,  Tel 01793 445500, or email:
More details about admissions can be found in the Admissions FAQ section of the Swindon Council website. Further information can be found online at

If your child is refused a place at Abbey Meads, parents have the right to appeal against this decision. Contact the School Admissions. 

Swindon Admissions Guide

Primary School Admission Sept 2020 Closing date 15th January 2020

Secondary School Admissions Sept 2020 Closing date 31st October 2019

Please contact Swindon Borough Council's Admissions Team if you have missed either of these dates.

School Admissions, Swindon Borough Council, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH

Email:, Tel: (01793) 445500