Butterflies Family Centre

Butterflies Family Centre is based at Abbey Meads School and forms an integral part of the school under the leadership of the Headteacher, on behalf of the Governing Body.

There is a Family Centre Manger, Mrs Tanya Parkinson, who manages all day to day issues on behalf of the school, along with several Family Support Workers and Admin Support.

Butterflies covers a wide area across the North of Swindon, including those served by the following Primary Schools.

Abbey Meads, Catherine Wayte, Bridlewood, Greenmeadow, Haydonleigh, Haydon Wick, Red Oaks, Oakhurst, Orchid Vale, St Francis and Brimble Hill Special School.

If you have a child under 5 or would just like to find out more about what Butterflies can offer you - please click on the "Butterflies Family Centre" name (on the right).